Welcome to IfFP Institute for Financial Planning

Established in 1995, IfFP is among the leading business schools for professional education and training in the Swiss financial sector. Most of our students are working as client advisors or in managerial positions in the Swiss financial industry. Our core competence are programs and courses in the area of financial consulting and planning to private and entrepreneurial clients. IfFP boast its highly qualified team of lecturers who all have both a strong educational background and thorough professional experience.

IfFP offers programs on the level of advanced professional education. Successful participants are awarded with certificates and diplomas mostly recognized by the Swiss federal government and/or the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. Our major programs lead to one of the following awards

  • Certified Financial Advisor IAF
  • Certified Insurance Advisor IAF
  • Certified Wealth Advisor IAF (Confirmation of Knowledge FSA)
  • Certified Advisor in Corporate Pension Insurance IAF
  • Financial Planner with Federal Diploma of Higher Education
  • SME Financial Consultant with Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education
  • CAS Certificate of Advanced Studies in Management of Business Succession

IfFP enjoys established relationships with the FPVS Swiss Association of Financial Planners www.fpvs.ch and the SFPO Swiss Financial Planners Association www.sfpo.ch, the national affiliate of the worldwide CFP Certified Financial Planner movement. IfFP conducts the CFP® education and examination on behalf of SFPO.


IfFP also provides corporate education and training for Swiss banks, insurance companies, wealth management advisory companies etc.


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